Understanding Auto-darkening Welding Helmets

Handling a welder, whether arc welding or gas, generates bright light that is unsafe for your eyes. Just a few seconds of exposure to arc illumination might hurt your vision seriously. This is why you need to protect your eyes when welding.

The first aspect to look at when making the decision is the kind of lens that is used. Typically, you can access passive helmets, which have been in use for the past several years now, though they do not provide the same level of protection seen in auto-darkening helmets.

The viewing lens is usually made of a piece of dimmed glass, along with infrared and ultraviolet coating. The time you are ready for welding, a quick snap of the helmet takes it down. When you are finished, all you have to do is turn the helmet up to view the work you have done and then reposition it for the next weld.

Though they are budget friendly, regular helmets come with some disadvantages. First, they are hard to use for new users, and the regular flipping up and down can make each day of welding uneasy. If you are handling a huge task the whole day, the lowering and lifting is inefficient.

Auto-darkening helmets fix this issue; these helmets work by use of auto-darkening filters which make use of filter lens and come pre-loaded with adaptable features. This makes the welding process painless.

The Design

The auto-darkening feature that comes with the helmet is an LCD that is driven by battery packs, along with solar power. The lenses are also fitted with illumination sensors. With the lens not activated, the LCD filter is at the third or fourth shade, which is very easy to view though – you do not have to lift the visor up.

Once you activate the arc, the sensor is triggered, and it makes the lens darker depending on how bright the arc is. The lens of the helmet darkens to a shade 9-13, depending on the brightness of the arc.

Since this filtration system has UV protection in addition to the infrared coatings that are applied to it, your eyes are fully protected from the damaging rays of the welding torch. No more head snaps mean no more poor welds because the torch does not accidentally move.

In Closing

Having the right kind of auto-darkening welding helmet makes it safe for you to handle high-intensity welding wolf jobs without injuring your eyes.