Tips to Help you Grow your Account Organically on Instagram

Many people have fallen victims of Instagram scams such as Skweezer as seen on Spire, which claims to deliver organic followers but ends up delivering fake accounts. Without a doubt, real engagement with real followers is a strong cornerstone for growing your Instagram account. As such, any third-party company claiming to sell real followers can be tempting, to say the least.

That is because growing your account organically from scratch can be quite a challenge. A lot of time, energy, and effort need to be dedicated exclusively for that purpose. Nevertheless, this article provides some important tips to help you grow your account organically.

Hire a professional

There are professional consultants whose main work entails managing social media accounts on behalf of their clients. If you don’t have time to manage your account, or you ain’t tech savvy, hiring a social media manager can be a better alternative than using third-party companies.

For starters, these managers are professionally trained in social media marketing skills, meaning your account will be in very able hands. Secondly, they are real people, meaning that the human touch will not be lost in your account engagement.

Have a decisive understanding of your target audience

It is meaningless marketing your brand to people with no interest in what you are offering. If your followers are there just to get a like back, you need to re-strategize your methods. If you want to attract loyal followers for long-term benefits, you need to thoroughly research your target audience and get them right.

This will improve engagement levels in your account and your posts will be appearing on the top of your follower’s feeds. To better understand your target audience, consider their demographic makeup in terms of location, age, or gender. You can also look into your competitor’s pages and see what they are doing right to fascinate and keep hold of their audience.

Look for accounts in the same niche as you

Liking, commenting, and following users with the same interests as you give your brand the right kind of exposure. This can be done right by being interesting and genuine in whatever you post. Ask a relevant question or give your honest opinion and soon you will see the numbers growing on your own page.

Cross promote

If you are on Instagram, there is a high likelihood that you have accounts on other social media platforms. Your followers or fans in other platforms may not be following you on Instagram simply because they don’t know you exist there or the username you use. Therefore, promoting your Instagram account on other channels can generate more followers who have an interest in your brand.