Side Sleeping – What you Should Know

Side Sleeping – What you Should Know

Doctors recommend that you should sleep for at least seven hours every day. Of course, getting enough sleep allows your body to rejuvenate. It also enables tired and stiff muscles to relax.  Even then, did you know that your sleeping position matters? Yes, it does! Here are some benefits of side sleeping.

It Helps Prevent Heartburn

Side sleepers experience fewer bouts of heartburn especially after eating on an acidic or spicy dish. See, when you sleep on your side, gravity prevents your stomach acid from traveling all the way to the esophagus. The scenario is different is you sleep on your back.

It Prevents Snoring

You can try sleeping on your side if you’re a chronic snorer. In essence, the side position helps open up your airways. However, if you rest your back, you will be pushing the airways muscles close to the end of your throat, an action that can trigger snoring or difficulty breathing.

It Promotes Better Heart Function

Side sleeping improves the lymph drainage toward your heart, aided by gravity. In other words, you’re taking some workload off of your heart. The ripple effect is that your heart is pumping blood “downhill” into the aorta. On top of that, sleeping on your side suspends the intestines far away from the vena cava, a vein that brings venous blood back into your heart.

It Enhances Digestion

Your small intestines dump waste via the ileocecal valve (ICV), located on the right side of your body from the gut. Side sleeping enables the gravity to encourage a smoother flow of food waste from the small intestines into the large intestines through the ICV. As you fall into deep sleep, the waste descends into your colon and is ready for elimination when you wake up in the morning.

… You Need to Invest in a Good Side Sleeper Pillow Though

Sure, side sleeping comes with a variety of advantages. However, to reap the most benefits, you’re better off investing in a side sleeper. Even then, all side sleeper pillows aren’t the same. At the very least, you need to spend in one that can support your weight. Of course, it has to be affordable and washable. On that note, visit Free Your Spine to view a variety of top-rated side sleeper pillows on the market. The idea is to help you pinpoint on that serves your needs and sleeping pattern.