Long Lasting Lipstick

Every woman is looking for a long lasting lipstick. There is nothing as bad as putting on your favorite shade only for it to fade off the first glass you drink from. The good thing is that you can make your lipstick last longer with a few tips.

Clean Before application

Make sure your lips are clean and dry before applying the lipstick. A layer of dirt and oil will create a layer between the lips and the lipstick. This makes it tough for the product to get a good hold on the lips and to last. For best results, moisturize the lips with lip balm before you go to sleep the night before.

Line It

You can apply your favorite lip liner and color the lips before you apply lipstick. Lip liner has better-staying power than lipstick. Lip liner will help you keep the lipstick in place instead of your glass.

Choose the Right Lipstick

If you are looking for the perfect long lasting lipstick, you need to find the right source. The job of finding this kind of lipstick will become easier if you start at Lovely Lips. You also need to know what kind of brand to choose from the myriad available. You will get a comprehensive range of lipsticks to choose from, and the process isn’t too hard to get the right one.

The Benefits

The major benefit of using a long-lasting lipstick is that I won’t bleed or wear off as quickly. A mistake you can make is to go for the cheap, unknown brands that will crack and wear off in a few hours. Remember, long-lasting means staying fresh and crisp for a minimum of 10 hours.

The long-lasting aspect eliminates the need to retouch the lipstick every few minutes. Some of the formulations have vitamin E in their ingredients to prevent the lips from drying up.

The Source

Make sure you are buying your lipstick from a reputable dealer. Apart from getting the right type, you also save some money on the purchase.

In Closing

Keeping your lipstick on for hours on end requires some tips and tricks. You can use your regular lipstick to achieve this though it will cost you some effort and time. On the other hand, you can choose to buy a lipstick that is designed to stay on the lips for long without smudging.