Influence Marketing - The Do's and The Don'ts

Influencer Marketing – The Do’s and The Don’ts

You got to love all those new terms they come up with these days, or in the last past years. Now influencers marketing is a trendy topic, and everyone can call themselves a nano or micro influencer. Either way, it’s an interesting trend, and it allows even the small man (or woman) to grow in their niche by connecting with other influencers at their level.

Let’s start with a few things you want to avoid

Fake influencers, it won’t be easy to get around them as there are thousands of them with bot generated account. Proof of that is the success of Income Artist who review all those bots. Anyone with a few dollars to spend can purchase such bot and grow their fanbase to 5000 followers and one other micro influencers is born.

The problem is that when you only get bot generated followers or your ad is shown to inactive followers that you have nothing to gain from that while at the same time they do gain from your real audience so it’s not a fair trade-off in any way.

Another thing you want to avoid is cold outreach, that is sending unsolicited emails to a certain influencer, not only can bulk outreach harm your email address and the domain associated with it, you are more likely to receive a response from people with an account in poor standing.

Some things you just have to do manually so the right way is to contact them at Instagram after carefully selecting those you want to contact, get to know them a little, join in the conversations and only then you should ask for an ad swap.

Don’t be a cheapass, when you want everything for a bargain you will never find the type of influencer you are looking for, nor the results. Quality has its price, try to never forget that.

What you should do instead

Find active accounts with at least 5000 followers and give them a shoutout for free the first time. This is an excellent way to build a fruitful relationship and with a little luck they return the favor right away, well that was your first ad swap right there and it didn’t cost you anything while you both expand your audience. Definitely a win-win situation for all parties involved.

The list of what to do is rather short but this is truly the main point, getting in touch with real people, anything else doesn’t matter.