What is the difference between cheap and expensive stethoscope?

It is possible to call a stethoscope nearly the business card of every doctor. Actually, this image is more connected with movies. We used to the thought that every doctor always carry this astonishing device on his neck. In real life it is not true and our conclusion is wrong. However, there is almost no doctor who cannot work without this device. So what is a stethoscope?

The stethoscope a device which is intended for listening of internals work. Modern devices is worth calling stetofonendoskope as they often quite combined possibilities of a stethoscope and a phonendoscope, having a head with two rotary intakes. Stethoscopes of old type are still applied only in obstetrics, though they are gradually replaced with electronic devices.

It is not difficult to learn how to use stethoscope. This device can be extremely usefull for diagnostic of certain permanent health states in home conditions.

What device to choose?

The modern production offers the huge choice of the medical equipment. From the simple and available to very expensive. The stethoscopes also divide on expensive and cheap (find more at Stethoscope Lab). Before choosing the device, it is worth knowing how expensive stethoscopes differ from cheap.

The first feature that distinguishes expensive stethoscope is its functionality. Nowadays expensive models not only allow to listen to the patient but also to connect the strengthening equipment or special computer systems. It gives an opportunity to diagnose a patient’s condition more precisely and practically excludes mistakes (except the researching, sounds will be saved and compared with existing data (which is written down in memory of the computer).

The second essential difference — materials. Usually, expensive models are made of the high-quality materials (plastic, alloy, and special structure for a membrane) providing maximum efficiency of acceptance of sound vibrations with a head and its transfer on sound wires. Numerous researchers allowed to reveal the most suitable structures, determine the most effective sizes (diameter, the length of sound wires, camera amount, the size and a form of a membrane) of stethoscope parts.

The ignorant person would not be able to feel the difference between a high-quality phonendoscope and its most primitive version (though it is notable even for the second-year student).

You should not consider the availability of the “bivariate” the determining factor though it often available in more expensive models of devices. Besides, such option has shortcomings, as well as any device that combining features of several devices at the same time. In case of the choice, it is worth being guided by the requirements and opportunities. However, it is always worth paying attention to the quality of both sound wires, and metal holders. It is also worth considering that the presence of a set of details and elements only worsens quality.