5 Date Ideas That Will Sweep Your Date off Her Feet

If you’re a hopeless romantic who has his eye on a special girl, make the move of inviting her to a date. Don’t be afraid of messing things up between the two of you. Granted you have one of these genius date ideas, there’s a big chance of you sweeping her off her feet.

1: Go Hiking

The first suggested date idea is to go on a hiking trip. This is a dream date if you and your girlfriend love the outdoors. So choose a safe and breathtaking place for this activity.

Hiking will allow her to see the beauty of nature. And while at it, you get to see her adventurous side and truly talk to her.

2: Serenade Her

Do you know your girlfriend’s favorite song? If so, sing it to her. She’ll appreciate it, as well as the fact that you pay attention to her favorites.

It’s a romantic gesture especially if you’re the one who serenades her. Learn to play the piano or the guitar, if you must.

3: Fast Food & Chat

You can also buy meals from your favorite fast food restaurants and then take them to her place. As an alternative, you can also cook food at her place and let these meals taste like fast food. You can just try it.

There, you can enjoy the meals as you chat away. You could talk to her about her day, the latest episodes of a TV show, common acquaintances, or a captivating scene from a classic movie.

4: Go on a Beach Escapade

You should also consider going on a beach escapade. A trip to pause the usual sceneries of a city to check out the beach is a thoughtful date idea. There, you can de-stress and just hang out. You can bring lots of foods, too.

5: Visit Your High School

You may also want to visit your high school with your girlfriend. There, you can simply walk around. There, you could show her your classrooms, gym, lockers, cafeteria, and library.

Especially if you live in a different town now, inviting your girlfriend to visit your high school is a great idea. It sends her a message that you want her to know a bit of your past.


On top it all, don’t forget that respect has to be in the picture. Regardless of your date idea, your girlfriend will be more in love with you if you treat her with respect. Show her a good time and show her how valuable she is. If you do, there’ll be more dates to come!